Flowers of the Near East 

In the book “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by ClarissaPinkola Estés, the author claims “wildlife and the wildwoman are both endangered species”. which led me tothink about exile and the female body in exile. This notionbrought me to ask the question from my female friends fromthe middle eastern diaspora, “What flower invokes a senseof nostalgia for you?” All my research and answers werereceived through social media and conversation, becausemy questions about memory and nostalgia, could not befound through Google search. I collected the data of nostalgicflowers then took to the process of 3D scanning toscan each individual flower. The shape of a Rose, Carnation,Jasmine and Damascus Rose now archived, exist eternallywithin the digital space. A second question arose duringthe time of this research, “which female musician reminds you and your mother of your homeland?” Asking both generations is important with such inquiries. The result of thisresearch is a publication and a poster series of the scanned flowers with QR codes in the top which can be scanned tothen take you to links of the music.

Process of 3D scans of various flowers

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