Fragile Intersections is a collaboration with three other female artists in video and performance, exploring the commonalities in feminine gestures. From archetypal imagery to contemporary absurdity, this video flirts with the representation of power and the hierarchy placed upon women. Three female performers illustrate these dynamics through abstracted movements and choreographed compositions of gestures, sound and gaze. The ocean is used as a background to relate our actions towards mythological conceptions of femininity relating to nature and magic. The Egyptian goddess Iset is a main source of inspiration for this piece, as we pull from the mystic border between power and submission. The narrative and symbolism behind the goddess represents ideal maternity and partnership of marriage. Iset was also worshipped for her magical powers and influence over natural cycles. Mirroring these ideas, Fragile Intersections mystifies the image of femininity with the use of visual symmetry, isolation, and spatial depth.

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