Editorial Design

 This book is a collection of two-years of research, influence and experimentation towards a transmedial practice consisting of media, images, and virtual space across different eras and time signatures.Graphic design can exist in a gallery, on the screen, inside headsets or in the streets. Like a lucid dream, it can be disorienting as it opens up to a more-than physical ground of experience; within the virtual, within shared memory. This book documents a reflective practice that considers experiences of exile and diaspora, and grapples with a singular question: what does it mean to visualize and materialize nostalgia for a distant world? Ancient Hyper Present gathers an array of forms: editorial, kinetic, typographic, spatial, and experiential. Calling forth a practice of reflection, to go through the process of seeing the unseeable or the unacknowledged.

The entire book can be accessed here ︎︎︎

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