MFA Thesis: Ancient Hyper Present

Ancient Hyper Present is a Graphic Design MFA thesis of Sophie Loloi at the Rhode Island School of Design. This book is a collection of two-years of research, influence and experimentation towards a transmedial practice consisting of media, images, and virtual space across different eras and time signatures.

Graphic design can exist in a gallery, on the screen, inside headsets or in the streets. Like a lucid dream, it can be disorienting as it opens up to a more-than physical ground of experience; within the virtual, within shared memory. This book documents a reflective practice that considers experiences of exile and diaspora, and grapples with a singular question: what does it mean to visualize and materialize nostalgia for a distant world? Ancient Hyper Present gathers an array of forms: editorial, kinetic, typographic, spatial, and experiential. Calling forth a practice of reflection, to go through the process of seeing the unseeable or the unacknowledged.

The title and display typeface is Apoc by Blaze Type foundry. It is paired with SangBleu King for text.

The entire book can be accessed here.