Sophie Loloi
𒌛𒍙 𒌜𒌂 𒌔


ī¸Žī¸Žī¸Ž ARE.NA


Sophie Loloi a Graphic Designer who approaches design through a transmedial practice. Her work is a collage made of media, images, and virtual space across different eras and time signatures. Graphic design can exist in a gallery, in the screen, inside headsets or in the streets. Her work seeks to communicate the literal and transpersonal through an array of different forms; editorial, kinetic, typographic, spatial, and experiential.


She holds an MFA Graphic Design program at RISD. Previously she studied Film, Video and New Media in Chicago and has interned with cultural institutions such as MoMA and the Guggenehim. She is currently working remotely as a freelance designer in Texas.


Please reach out if you are interested in collaborating or if you want to chat about media, music and your latest Netflix binge.