Sophie Loloi is a multidisciplinary designer
and experience creator. Her work collages media, sound, images and virtual space across different eras and time signatures, expressed through all multi-sensory angles. Her work curates mood and atmosphere through emotion and empathy to communicate the literal and transpersonal through an array of different forms; editorial, kinetic, typographic, sonic, spatial, and experiential. She holds an MFA from the Graphic Design program at RISD. Previously she studied Film, Video and New Media at SAIC in Chicago. She loves science-fiction, cinema, techno music and tacos.

Currently—Sophie is working as a freelance designer in Houston For collaborations or just to say hello, please email me at sophievloloi@gmail.com

Read MFA Thesis here.

Through jobs, freelancing, and collaborations, Sophie has worked with many clients, including: SOME/THINGS Magazine, Hannah Marshall, Trixie Whitley, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Guggenheim Museum, Unday Records, Rae Yuping Hsu, Anke Loh, Rhode Island School of Design, Redshift Couture and Goldish Jewelry.