This was our first project upon entering graduate school. We were assigned 12 herculean tasks and were sent around Providence to complete them and to create an archive of materials. I had to take these materials and incorporate them all into 16 page signature that I then bound into a book with the signatures of my 13 other classmates.

I remember this particular week in Providence as being very grey and rainy. There was remnants of the summer humidity in the air with a slight chill of the winter that was approaching. I began my tasks by first entering into the Providence Athenaeum, and selecting a few books by chance. I landed on three books which drove the narrative of my spreads: a book of the universe, a poem about a “Matriarch” and a book about Middle Eastern mythology. I also spent this week exploring both the natural and industrial spaces of Providence, and spent several hours by the ocean. As a result my section of the Atlas maps the Venus Aphrodite Crater, with excerpts of The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, my own writing and images of what I observed during my first weeks in an unknown place.